Public schools and private schools are extremely different. Private schools operate by their own rules because they do not receive federal funding. As a result, private schools do not have to follow certain overarching school rules that public schools have to follow. This is especially visible in the expulsion rules of any given private school. While all private schools are different, they tend to take student DUIs extremely seriously. If you are a private school student what have received a DUI, is not guaranteed that you will be expelled from your school. However, depending on your contract with the school, it is a very real possibility.

Public vs. Private Schools

Whereas in public schools, where federal and state laws make rules concerning school discipline, including expulsion, private schools operate on their own funding and therefore, their own set of rules. This means that each private school determines its own rules concerning student discipline. Parents will sign a contract with the school, and in this contract, rules about discipline and expulsion can be found. The contract that you have with your private school might state that a DUI will lead to an automatic expulsion, or the guidelines might be more vague. You might be allowed to present your case at a discipline hearing, and then a group of teachers or the headmaster of the school will decide your punishment.


While you might not automatically be expelled from your private school if you receive a DUI, your private school does have a right to expel you. That could be a consequence that you face. If you are charged with a DUI, you should review the school contract that your parents signed. It will usually be up to the school to decide if you should be expelled based on your personal case.

If you can present your side of the story to your school, you should do so. This is an important opportunity, so take it seriously. Explain to the school what happened and how you are planning to make positive changes in your life. If the school hears this, they will be more likely to reduce your punishment from expulsion to suspension, or another similar punishment. For legal advice concerning your hearing or your school contract, you can contact Ruane Attorneys here.