Applying to college is a very stressful experience. This decision will control your future and that can be very scary for some people. If you have a criminal history as a juvenile, this can impact your chances of getting into the college or university you want to attend. Schools want to keep a good record of their students, and if they have some with a bad criminal background, they can decide to refuse that student’s admission to the school. If you have a record and have questions about what can happen when you apply to school, this page will give you the information you need.

Application Process

These days, applying to school has become a very long process of filling out applications, and answering questions about yourself and your academic history. A school will also ask you about your criminal background. At this point in the application, you might be nervous about how to answer this question. You need to be honest and say that you do have a history if you actually do. They will find out either way because most schools will check for this.

When they discover that you do have a criminal background, they might decide to refuse your admittance to the school. This is usually because they will have concerns about campus safety if you seem to be a risk. They might be afraid that you will put the other students in danger. They have to look out for the safety of all students, and sometimes this means refusing students with criminal histories, especially those who faced of violent offenses.

Application Issues

This sounds unfair but it is sadly a reality. If you have a record, the school might judge you based on this. Even if the offense was minor, they might think that you have the potential to commit a more serious crime, and then you will be under the care of the school and they can get in trouble along with you. Some schools will just automatically refuse you if they see you have a record. They want to keep their standards high and appealing to all people who are applying, and if their applicants see that they admit people with a criminal history, they might decide to choose a different school.

The best way to ensure your admittance to a good college or university is to avoid a juvenile record. This is not something you want a school to see when you are applying. You want them to see all the good things about you, like your grades and involvement in school activities. Even if the crime you faced was very small, it can still affect your chances.

Another good option is having your record expunged before you apply to school. Once you turn 18, you can get your record expunged, and you won’t have to tell people that you have a record. 

Everyone wants to go to a good school to further their education, but this can be put at risk if you have a record. If you have any questions about getting into college with a juvenile criminal record, contact Ruane Attorneys at 203-925-9200 and we will help you the best they can. You can also contact us to learn more about getting a juvenile record expunged. Everyone deserves a chance to go to college, no matter what their past history is.

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