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Fighting on school property can carry serious consequences. Students involved in fighting can get suspended or even expelled from school. In addition, schools are calling the police more frequently in these cases. This means that school fighting won’t necessarily get handled internally, and your child could face criminal charges.

School Consequences

School fighting will almost always result in some form of suspension. Connecticut’s disciplinary policy for public schools states that schools can administer out of school suspensions for students found fighting on school property. Oftentimes, the severity of the fighting will impact the decision to make the suspension out of school or in school. Another factor in determining a suspension is history. If your child has a history of getting into trouble at school, they might face an out of school suspension or even expulsion. On the other hand, Public Act 07-122 states that first time offenders can have their suspension reduced or waived.

Most schools will allow students accused of fighting a hearing. At the hearing, your child can make a case for the suspension to get dropped or reduced. They can provide evidence of good standing with the school and show why they deserve a second chance.

Criminal Consequences

If the police are called to the scene in a school fighting incident, the individuals involved in the fight can be criminally charged with crimes such as disturbing the peace or assault. Your child will most likely be tried in a juvenile court if they are charged criminally. The assistance of a juvenile defense attorney can help you with a juvenile court case. For more information, contact my office. We can set up a consultation. Then, I can assist you in your case.