If you are underage in Connecticut and are planning on going to a party and drinking, there can be some major problems for you and the host. There are laws against underage drinking and possession of alcohol as a minor. Just because you are at a party, it does not make it alright to be drinking. You should become familiar with the underage drinking laws and what the consequences are. They will be explained for you here.

Punishments Regarding Underage Drinking

The law in Connecticut for underage drinking makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcohol anywhere in public or private places. So even if you are at someone’s house for a party, it is still not okay.

The first offense is an infraction resulting in a fine ranging between $74-$136. There is a zero tolerance policy for minors in Connecticut when it comes to drinking. You will be fined or put in jail or possibly both depending on how bad the crime is.

You should read up on the laws before you make the decision to drink underage at a party. It may seem fun or cool to do when you are around your friends, but you will not be thinking that when you are paying a large fee or sitting in jail just because you had a few drinks before you were old enough to.

If the person who is throwing the party is also underage, not only can they get into trouble, but their parents can be faced with a very large predicament regarding the law as well. The parent will be considered the host of the party if their child who is hosting is not of age.

If there is alcohol at the party, even if they didn’t know it was there, they are still responsible and will be charged with giving alcohol to minors. This is not something that you want to happen to anyone. It will cause more trouble than it is worth for many people.

Ways to Stay Out of Trouble

When going to a party as a minor, you might want to make sure there is not going to be any alcohol present at the location. It will get you into trouble and will also put the hosts of the party at risk for liability. Be smart and if there is alcohol, do not drink any, or you can even leave to make sure that you are not going to get into any trouble.

If you have any more questions about underage drinking and parties with minors present, do not hesitate to call us. You can contact my office and I will help answer your questions and guide you through this situation.

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