Elderly people are sometimes targets for healthcare fraud because they don’t always keep a close eye on their finances and healthcare usage. Here, find some common examples and warning signs of healthcare fraud to look out for in order to protect your loved ones, especially if they live in nursing homes. Knowing this information can help you protect your loved one from this type of abuse. Also, if this abuse has already happened, you can spot it with these signs. In addition, this will allow you to get your loved one the help that they need.

10 Healthcare Fraud Examples

  • Charging for healthcare but not providing any.
  • Billing for services that haven’t been rendered.
  • Also, bribery.
  • Double billing for medical care.
  • Kickbacks for referrals or drug prescriptions.
  • In addition, Medicaid or Medicare fraud.
  • Over or under medicating your parent.
  • Also consider overcharging for medical care.
  • Recommending fraudulent solutions to medical conditions.
  • In addition, unbundling.

10 Healthcare Fraud Signs

  • Duplicate billings for the same medical service.
  • Evidence of inadequate care.
  • Evidence of incorrect type or administration of medication.
  • False use of healthcare information.
  • Inappropriate billing of services.
  • Incorrect info on explanation of benefit paperwork.
  • Misrepresenting provider, date, or location of services.
  • Problems with the care facility.
  • Waiving deductibles.
  • Waiving co-payments.