Another form of fraud that elderly people are sometimes targeted for is insurance fraud. So, if you suspect that your loved is a victim of this type of fraud, consider these 10 examples and warning signs of this form of abuse.

10 Insurance Fraud Examples

  • Abandoned house fraud.
  • In addition, consider automobile fraud.
  • Car damage fraud.
  • Then there is car insurance fraud.
  • False registration.
  • Health insurance fraud.
  • Life insurance fraud.
  • Renter’s insurance fraud.
  • Unnecessary medical procedures.
  • Unnecessary medication.

10 Insurance Fraud Signs

  • False information related to a company.
  • False records.
  • Illegal kickbacks.
  • Lack of a bill of service.
  • Low premiums.
  • Personal injury mills.
  • Pressure to sign a document.
  • Staff members asking for personal information (social security number, pin number, etc.).
  • Suspicious loss indicators.
  • Suspicious billing.

If, after reading this, you still have questions about insurance fraud, don’t worry. You can contact our office to have your questions answered. Talking to one of our attorneys is a good idea for you at this point. Our attorneys know how to spot insurance fraud, and can ask more specific questions about your situation. If you do suspect that your loved one is a victim of insurance fraud, our attorneys can protect them. For more information, contact our office to set up a free consultation today.