Nursing home residents should always receive respectful treatment. There are several standards that all nursing homes must follow. So, these standards ensure that residents get treated with compassion. In addition, all nursing home residents should feel comfortable in the home. If they do not, they should seek help.

Resident Necessities

Here you can find a few necessities that nursing home residents deserve:

  • Respectful treatment. All people deserve basic respect.
  • To take part in activities. Humans are social beings, which means that they crave interaction with other people. Most nursing home residents will want to socialize. In addition, they enjoy spending time with others. This includes organized activities and free time to socialize with others in the home.
  • Freedom from discrimination. Nobody wants to face discrimination, especially not for age, race or gender. In addition, all people deserve equal and kind treatment.
  • To be free from abuse. Kindness is essential to nursing home residents. This means that they have the right to be free from any emotional, physical, or financial abuse. Also, nursing home residents should be able to trust the facility they are in and the staff that is taking care of them.
  • To be free from unnecessary restraints. So, restraints should not get used on a nursing home resident unless specified by a doctor.
  • To file complaints. If you feel that your loved one doesn’t receive proper treatment in the nursing home, you can file a complaint. Also, this will ensure that the error gets corrected.
  • To get proper medical care. This means ensuring that all medical procedures are property followed. Each nursing home resident should get the care and medication that is necessary for them.
  • Keep their personal possessions safe. This means that you or your loved one should be able to secure personal items at the home. This could happen in a safe or locking cabinet to ensure their safe keeping.
  • Spend time with visitors. Nursing home residents have a right to see loved ones during specified times. They should be able to feel safe and happy while their loved ones visit.
  • Leave or move out if they are not satisfied. Nursing home residents should not have to stay in a home they do not feel safe and comfortable in. If a nursing home resident is not happy with their care after filing a complaint, they should be able to move out.

Nursing Home Regulations

Under federal nursing home regulations, nursing homes must:

  • Have enough nurses on staff for the number of residents (42 CFR §483.30).
  • Conduct an assessment of each resident’s physical and mental capacity (42 CFR §483.20).
  • Develop a care plan for each resident (42 CFR §483.20).
  • Prevent the deterioration of a resident’s ability to conduct basic tasks, such as eating, bathing, walking, and dressing (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Provide necessary services to maintain good nutrition, grooming, and personal hygiene if the resident cannot do this for themselves (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Ensure that residents receive the necessary assistive devices and treatment to maintain hearing and vision abilities (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Ensure that residents do not develop bedsores. If bedsores do develop, staff members need to treat existing sores and prevent new sores (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Provide treatment and services to residents to maintain and restore bladder functioning (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Ensure that all residents have the assistance and supervision that they need (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Maintain proper parameters of nutritional status (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Provide residents with sufficient fluid to prevent dehydration and promote health (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Ensure that residents are not victims of medication errors (42 CFR §483.25).
  • Promote each resident’s quality of life (42 CFR §483.15).
  • Maintain dignity and respect for each resident (42 CFR §483.15).
  • Ensure that residents have the right to choose their own health care, schedule, and activities (42 CFR §483.40).
  • Provide pharmaceutical services to meet each resident’s needs (42 CFR §483.60).
  • Be managed in a way that enables the home to use its resources effectively and efficiently (42 CFR §483.75).
  • Maintain accurate, complete, and easily accessible clinical records for all residents (42 CFR §483.75).