When searching for the right personal injury lawyer, consider many important factors. One important factor includes the cost of the attorney. You don’t want to bury yourself in debt trying to pay lawyer fees just to try to win your case.

Remember – no matter how much money a lawyer charges, it does not guarantee that he or she can win your case. There are no guarantees, which is why it is important to find a lawyer that you can afford. Some personal injury lawyers charge based on a contingency fee. This is an option that you should consider if you are looking to hire a personal injury attorney for help.

Contingency Fees

In some cases, attorneys may accept a contingency fee basis. This fee is contingent on winning your case for you. Lawyers who work for this type of fee prepare cases for a discounted price or for no cost. This happens if you sign a contract promising to give the lawyer part of your compensation. A portion of the compensation from the case will go to the lawyer.

Contingency fees are primarily used for personal injury cases. This happens because contingency fee only happens in cases that involve compensation. Many elder abuse cases face charges on a contingency basis. But, many other types of cases may be handled in this manner. Other cases include accidents, personal injuries, employment, hourly wage disputes, and large debt collections.

There are other cases that normally are not available to be handled on this fee basis. They include cases involving real estate, criminal offenses, adoption, divorce, and drafting documents. A typical percentage that most lawyers charge for contingency fees ranges from 25%-40%.

Contingency Fee Benefits

The benefits of this fee are twofold. It is a plus to avoid lawyer fees while an attorney is working on your case. Instead of worrying about fees, you can rest assured that you won’t pay out-of-pocket, as you’ll just have to give the lawyer a part of your compensation.

The other benefit of a contingency fee is that it can provide extra motivation for a lawyer to win a case. A lawyer knows that they wont get paid unless they get compensation for their client. This gives the lawyer even more incentive to build a good case. You can be assured that your lawyer is fully dedicated to getting justice for your loved one.

One thing to look out for when hiring a lawyer that charges this fee is making sure that the fee is not too large. If a lawyer charges a contingency fee above 40% of compensation, proceed with caution. This is an unusually high contingency fee. You might want to avoid this lawyer and find another one with a lower contingency fee.

Contingency Fees and Cases

Cases that get handled on this fee basis do not have any upfront costs. There is no retainer fee that the attorney needs once starting a new case. If the case is won, then the lawyer will get paid a certain percentage of that money awarded.

When looking for lawyers for elder abuse cases, ask if they mind working on this fee basis. Chances are, if the lawyer feels they are able to win the case, they will take it.

If you want to hire a lawyer who works for a contingency fee, contact us. We know lawyers who can work with you on this fee basis. This can save your family money. It can also make sure that your loved one gets proper representation. This can increase their chances of getting compensation.