Shelton, Connecticut, October 2018 – Ruane Attorneys is pleased to announce the hire of two new attorneys; Attorney Jerald Lentini, and Attorney Jonathan Shaw. Both will work out of the Wethersfield office.

Attorney Lentini earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the New College of Florida, and went on to complete his Juris Doctor at Georgetown University. He becomes the third generation in his family to work in law – his grandfather was a lawyer and his father has worked as an expert witness for both criminal and civil cases. Attorney Ruane believes that this will be an asset to Lentini’s career. “I grew up around law just as Attorney Lentini did. It gave me a head start in my career and a profound understanding of how rewarding this job can be. Attorney Lentini also has this understanding of law, and it will help him grow over the course of his career.” Attorney Lentini hopes to help Ruane Attorneys provide fair representation to each client, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Attorney Shaw comes to Ruane Attorneys after finishing law school at Quinnipiac University. He will work as an attorney out of our Wethersfield office on various cases that the firm handles. Jonathan Shaw completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware in 2013, graduating with a degree in Political Science. He then returned to Connecticut, where he was born and raised, and started law school at Quinnipiac University. He graduated cum laude in 2017, and has a concentration in Criminal Defense and Advocacy.

Attorney Shaw knew that he wanted to be a lawyer from a young age, since his father is also a Connecticut lawyer. Attorney Shaw grew up in Glastonbury and is now a resident of the town. He is excited to join the team at Ruane Attorneys and help in the defense of those facing criminal charges, and Ruane Attorneys is happy to have him. Founding partner, Attorney Jay Ruane, believes that Attorney Shaw will be a great fit. “Attorney Shaw is passionate about defending clients,” Attorney Ruane commented. “Like me, he grew up watching his father fight for justice. That impacted Attorney Shaw just as it did me, and will help him throughout his career.”

To learn more about out new hires, you can contact the office.