When deciding to get help for your elderly loved one, you have a few different options. One common option is hiring a home health aide. In some cases, this is the perfect fit for your family. In other cases, it might not be the right solution. To determine if a home health aide will work in your situation, consider the following questions. Reflect on them with your family and make a decision together.

Is My Loved One Capable of Living on Their Own?

Nursing homes are great places for the elderly because they provide all basic services. But, your loved one might not need this. If your loved one can get around and handle manage upkeep of themselves and their property, they might not need a nursing home. Getting the help of a home health aide might be a better option.

What are My Loved One’s Medical Needs?

If your loved one has serious medical issues, a team of professionals should address them. This can happen in a nursing home. But, if your loved one has basic or minimal medical needs, a home health aide can provide the appropriate help. For now, a home health aide might be enough to take care of your loved one’s basic needs.

What is the Family’s Budget?

Full time living at a nursing home can get expensive. You should review your family’s finances to determine the best option for you. Does your elderly loved one have Medicare or Medicaid? Will you pay for assistance out-of-pocket? Does your loved one need around-the-clock care, or will it suffice to pay for an aide for a few hours per day? There are questions that you should consider before making this decision. While you want to help your loved one regardless of cost, finances can play a role in this process.

What Does Your Loved One Want?

Your loved one might feel helpless as these big decisions happen. Make sure that you listen to them and what they want. Talking this over together can help involve your loved one in the process and make their transition to the next stage of their life easier. Allowing your loved one to take part in the decision can give them confidence as you go through this process.

In home care is a good option for many families whose elderly loved one needs some help. If your loved one needs help with basic tasks and minor medical needs, this could work as the right option. To learn more about home health aides, please visit our website.