Hello my name is

Patrick Greenhalgh

The United States founded itself on the ideal of checked power. Criminal defense lawyers serve as a check on the State’s power to persecute, defending the individual’s rights before the prosecution of the government. To me a person’s rights lie paramount; and I will fight to defend yours.

I started out on my own by joining the U.S. Army in the early stage of the Global War on Terror. I rose to become a leader in the Intelligence Corps, where it was my duty to understand the enemy and then to find them; so that we may defeat them. My service led me worldwide from the hills of Korea to the dunes of Kuwait, and ultimately culminating with the War in Afghanistan. I stood shoulder to shoulder with people from every imaginable walk of life in the face of adversity: and thus gained my understanding that people’s stories are usually far from what the public may perceive.

It is no pleasure to find yourself accused by the government; but you don’t have to be there alone. I am battle tested and won’t shirk from conflict, as I have spent a life fighting in many arenas against those who wish to impose their will on others.  I resolve to be straightforward and help you understand the complex legalese that you may encounter.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, trust me to fight for you.

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