I’ve started a video series on Facebook detailing things that you should know about court and the criminal justice system. One of my recent videos talked about all of the bad police behavior that we have been seeing in the media lately. Are there bad cops? What makes them bad? I talk about this topic in my video. A synopsis of the video is available below. Check out my video series and other information by following me on Facebook.

Today I want to talk about bad cop. And there’s a couple of reasons why I want to talk about this. Mostly, it’s because on the news and social media, it seems like all you see are videos of cops behaving badly. So this whole conversation is prefaced by the fact that I’m a proud cop wife and a proud military wife. And the reason why I’m proud of it is because my husband is a really good cop. The system needs good cops. Everybody in the system serves a purpose. But bad cops also exist. They oftentimes come about because police departments do not offer competitive benefits packages. 

The Problem with Benefits Packages

Recently, the policies of local politicians have been negotiating poor benefits packages for police. So essentially, you are able to solicit quality applicants by offering good benefit packages – good pay, good health care, pensions, things like that. What is happening, and the trend that has been happening over the last ten or so years, is cutting the benefits of the new guys. Union rule 101 is oftentimes to sell out the new guys at contract negotiation time. So what ends up happening is now after you turn 60, there is no more health insurance. Instead, you have to go on Medicare. Up to half of the costs have to be paid by you for health care. No more pensions, 401(k)s instead.

So who’s applying when the benefits packages are not that good? Poor applicants. And that’s why you get people who are trigger happy, people who are shooting civilians when there is no need. People that really shouldn’t have been a cop in the first place, but got hired because they were the best of the bunch, and it’s really the best of the worst. So the whole thing can be avoided if local politicians at state, city, and town levels stop cutting benefits to these cops. And then you’re attracting more quality applicants, like my husband, who actually served in the military, went to Iraq. These are people that you want to hire but you’re not getting because they’re going to go to another job that has offered them something better. 

So if we want to stop these police shootings and the hiring of bad cops in our communities, a good start would be making it worth their while for good cops to actually apply. 

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