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About the Firm
Ruane Attorneys

Ruane Attorneys is a Criminal Defense Law, Civil Rights, and Litigation Firm in Connecticut. Since founding partner James J. Ruane began practicing law in 1978, we have been making a difference both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Ruane Attorneys is a criminal defense firm firmly rooted in a tradition of excellence. At the same time, we push the envelope for new and creative defenses for those charged with crimes.

This firm was founded in 2001 by the father and son team of Jim Ruane and Jay Ruane. This happened after the two brought individual practices together.

Firm History

Ruane Attorneys has been part of the criminal defense community since founding partner Jim first started as a public defender in 1978. Since that time, we have continued to expand and attract the most talented criminal defense attorneys in the state, known for their passion for the defense of their clients and innovation in legal theory and defenses. Since the founding of the firm in its current form in 2001, Ruane Attorneys has grown to have a national reputation as fearless fighters throughout our state.

The Firm Is Founded

The firm is founded by Jim Ruane, then a partner at Bridgeport’s Gaston & Ruane, and Jay Ruane, then a private practitioner beginning to focus on DUI defense. They quickly add Krista Anroman as primary paralegal to the team.

Expansion North & East

Attorney Teresa DiNardi, a family friend, joins the firm. Teresa expands the southern Connecticut footprint of Ruane Attorneys and expands our DUI defense capabilities into the Hartford area as well as eastern Connecticut.

A New Homebase

Jim Ruane celebrates his 20th year of being a Certified Criminal Trial Specialist as the firm moves to its new headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut.

The Future Begins

Dan Lage joins the firm and quickly distinguishes himself as a well regarded criminal & postconviction attorney, eventually securing the release of Marquis Jackson in 2018 after four years of litigation for a murder Mr. Jackson did not commit.