Online Resources

Online Resources

Finding good legal resources is difficult. There are lots of pages with different information and you can get really confused from website to website as to what is required. You know you need help creating a will or power of attorney, but you only remember to do it at night, long after all the local law firms have closed. Well – we thought of that. Some of the most common documents created by law firms are simply documents that can be created on your own, with a little help. They should’t take hundreds of dollars to get and disrupt your day. And as long as you confirm with the law, they are perfectly fine. Many times, people find a need to create a will or power of attorney before a vacation, or before a surgery, and we wanted to make it easy for you to get these done after hours and for no expense.

Our Resources

So simply pick your resources needed and fill out the questions and the resource generator will create for you, at your own direction, a document and email it to you for your use. Along with the document will come instructions on what you need to do if you need to have it witnessed or notarized.

We took all the hard parts about creating these documents and made it easy for you, so there is no reason to not get it done tonight, in the comfort of your own home.

When you create the forms for yourself, you will be signed up for our mailing list and if anything changes in the law or forms, we can alert you to come back and get the updated ones. It’s just a way we can give back to our community and also save you some money.

If you have questions, please reach out – we are here to help!

Good luck!