When charged with a Connecticut DUI, you face criminal charges and DMV proceedings. Learn more by reviewing these 10 most important things to know on this subject.

Facts to Know

  1. A DUI in Connecticut will cause two cases to be pending against you: DMV and criminal charges.
  2. These two cases are completely separate and have nothing to do with one another!
  3. If you lose one case this does not mean you are entitled to win the other! The DMV and criminal courts have different standards of proof, different laws and different finders of fact. They do not relate to each other at all.
  4. Every DUI is not the same. Just because “someone” tells you they got their DUI thrown out does not mean you will.
  5. You must have your lawyer schedule your DMV hearing as soon as you get notice that your license will be suspended. If you don’t we cannot fight to overturn your automatic suspension.
  6. You cannot go back and change the events of the night of the arrest. Do not beat yourself up about your actions. Try to remember as much as possible and write it down for your lawyer.
  7. The fact that you are an upstanding citizen and have never been in trouble before does not matter to the courts or the DMV. All that matters is what occurred the night of the arrest.
  8. You must tell your lawyer the truth about what happened. We cannot defend you properly if you leave out facts.
  9. If your license is suspended do not drive! You are facing a minimum of 30 days in jail and this time is mandatory. It is not worth it!
  10. You must appear for every court date. There is no excuse good enough to not appear for court. In fact, not appearing may cause the judge to order you rearrested just for not being present!