School Bully Issues

Most schools have adopted a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. This is because all schools who receive funding from the government cannot tolerate discrimination and still receive funding. This is due to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In addition, it is a violation of Connecticut law to discriminate against children. You can’t discriminate based on gender expression or identity. Aggression or criminal acts based on discrimination result in criminal violations. This happens under Public Act number 11-55.

Connecticut’s Public Act number 11-232 extends the parameters of the term “bullying” to include cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a recent trend that occurs when a student is harassed or discriminated against via the internet or other electronic devices. Cyberbullying does not have to occur during school hours, but still constitutes a school issue if it is related to school property. For example, the school could get involved if bullying occurred on a school issued laptop, even if it happened during non-school hours.

All teachers and school administrators work as mandated reports. This means that if they view any type of harassment or bullying, they must report the incident. In addition, many programs started in schools to teach both school administrators and students about the consequences of bullying. They want students to see this issue as a real threat. They hope students will stop bullying others and exercise their issues in healthier ways.

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