• Halloween Safety Tips
    Safety Tips
    | 27 October 2015
    Halloween Safety Tips
    While Halloween is oftentimes marketed toward children, it is no longer a holiday that only excites and inspires kids. Many adults also partake in Halloween activities, whether that means escorting their children while they go trick-or-treating, or attending fun Halloween parties with families and friends. However, a run-in with the law can put a damper on any of these festivities. As you may know after reading our blog for a while, the police are actually more likely to be out...
  • How to Stay Out of Trouble During Spring Break
    Safety Tips
    | 07 April 2015
    How to Stay Out of Trouble During Spring Break
    For many college students, spring break is a rite of passage. It’s what dreams and legends are made of. It’s something to look forward to, anticipate, and fantasize about. A whole week on a beach with your best friends and no responsibilities? Sign me up! However, in all of the excitement and fun, if you’re preparing for a spring break trip, you want to make sure that you are making good memories, and not bad ones. A run-in with the...
  • Avoiding Family Fights During the Holidays
    Safety Tips
    | 31 March 2015
    Avoiding Family Fights During the Holidays
    The holidays can be a time of great fun and family bonding. However, they can also bring stress and sadness to families that have recently lost a loved one or to those who are fighting. As Easter approaches, I want to talk about how to avoid fights with family members in order to make sure that everyone has a pleasant holiday. Family altercations can, in some cases, lead to trips to the hospital or a visit to the house from a...