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Dividing Debt and Property

Dividing Debt And Property In Divorce When it comes to divorce, dividing assets and debt can be difficult. Who is entitled to what property? Who has to pay debts accumulated during the marriage? These are common questions that couples ask when faced with divorce. It is important to note that couples can answer these questions [...]

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Why Should I Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer? Whether you are the one filing for divorce or you have been served with divorce papers, going through a divorce can be confusing and frustrating. Most likely, a million thoughts are frantically running through your mind. You are probably thinking, “How did this happen? Will I be able to keep [...]

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Amp Test

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10 Steps To Take After Abuse

When you place a loved one in a nursing home, you never expect that he or she will be the victim of neglect or abuse. After your thorough research, interviews, and visiting process, you may feel that you have found the perfect home for your elderly loved one. However, even in the best nursing homes, [...]

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10 Pieces Of Information To Give The Police

If you have recently learned that your loved one is the victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home, take action as soon as possible. While you might feel overwhelmed, one of the first steps that you should take is contacting the police. The police can help your loved one by launching an investigation. [...]

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Search Of Your Person

Understanding the search of person laws in Connecticut can get complicated. Below is a comprehensive list of these laws. This can help you understand when searches are legal and when they are illegal. For further assistance, you can contact our office at 203-925-9201. State V. Dukes When officers have probable cause to make an arrest, they [...]

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Nursing Home Activities

If your loved one is living in a nursing home, he or she will probably want access to different activities. The activities that a home offers can tell you a lot about the nursing home and the quality of life of its residents. To learn more about common nursing home activities, read on. Indoor Activities [...]

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DUI Impact On Family

Getting charged with a DUI can have devastating affects. You will have to deal with the financial repercussions as well as the penalties that the court deems appropriate for you. Lawyer fees as well as fines can lead to difficult financial situations. What’s more, you will face a license suspension that can make every day tasks [...]

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Best Of Signs Of Abuse

On this website, I have discussed many different signs of abuse. Unfortunately, when your loved one lives in a home, you need to watch out for multiple types of abuse. But, knowing about these types of abuse and warning signs of them can help the situation. This can keep you vigilant and make sure that [...]

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Abuse Of Women

Anyone can be the victim of neglect and abuse in a nursing home. But, there are some people who have a higher risk of neglect or abuse than others. One group of people who are at a high risk for abuse are elderly women. There are many factors that lead to elderly women’s vulnerability in [...]

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